Roast’d And Toast’d Holiday Gift Guide

Nordur Salt

The BEST salt ever is this beautifully flakey sea salt straight from Iceland. I stumbled across this company while traveling in Iceland and was instantly captured by its turquoise tin box with the image of a mermaid on the front. I bought a bunch to bring home as souvenirs for friends and family, and then had to ration it’s use in our own home because I loved the product so much, I didn’t want to run out! Never fear, the powers of the internet are here, and lucky for all of us they ship internationally!

Available at for €13


Electric Tea Kettle

I am all about ease and accessibility and an electric tea kettle is perfect for the tea, coffee, and hot cocoa drinkers in your house. I love that I don’t have to worry about the kids turning on the stove to boil water. They just fill it up, set it on its base, and flip the switch. In less that a minute you have hot water ready for all your warm beverage needs.

Available on for $19.96


Wine Kit

One of my good friends is the best gift giver! Her gifts are thoughtful, personalized, useful, and fun. A few years back she gave me this gold wine opener and it is a staple in our house. Every time someone comes over they comment on it! Such a simple and useful gift that makes a statement on any bar. Perfect for a stocking stuffer, or pair it with a bottle of wine for any holiday hostess or housewarming gift (we love Speak wines for their colorful creative labels and personalize able bottles…and delicious wine of course!) If you’re feeling extra generous, add in these beautiful wine glasses to complete an enviable gift for the wine enthusiast in your life.

Available at for $8.97


Available at for $25


Available at for $82.57 set of 4


Charcuterie Boards

Our team at Roastd’ n’ Toastd’ is slightly obsessed with beautiful cheese and charcuterie plates. So what better gift to give than a gorgeous oversized wooden cutting board or slate serving tray! I am always on the lookout for trays and platers and these beauties will have any host or hostess grinning from ear to ear. Don’t forget to pick out a few of your favorite cheeses, meats, or crackers to include with the board to give the gift a more personal touch.

Available at for $59.99


Available at for $14.99


Cast Iron Skillet

Every foodie and kitchen connoisseur needs a cast iron skillet. We use ours for pretty much anything and everything. Not only is it great for searing meats and then transferring the skillet into the oven to finish, but it’s also great for outdoor camping enthusiasts who want a delicious meal in one pan! Let’s be honest, nobody likes to do the dishes. There are a variety of options out there for cast iron skillets, but if you are just getting started check out this affordable option.

Available at for $25.99


Cook Books & Magazine Subscriptions

Cookbooks and magazine subscriptions are hands down one of my favorite gifts to give and receive! I love to read and be inspired but other people’s creative recipes. I also love getting a fun magazine in the mail each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. My kids love to cook and are starting to get more independent and inspired in the kitchen, which is why I love this cookbook for young chefs. It has kid friendly directions, easy to follow steps and pictures, but also showcases the important skills for having fun and becoming a great chef. As for magazines, Bon Appetite and Cook’s Illustrated are two of my personal favorites for delicious recipes that are both unique and classic.

Available on for $10.99


Available at for $15/1 year subscription & for $24.95/1 year subscription

Sou Vide

This item is on my personal holiday wish list because I am dying to experiment with sou vide cooking at home! Who doesn’t want a perfectly cooked poached egg, tender and juicy pork or lamb chops, or flavorful vegetables? Sou vide cooking seems intimidating, but with the modern versions available to home chefs now, they make it straightforward and streamlined.

Available at for $79


Japanese Shun Knives

All home chefs need a great knife, and these Japanese Shun knives don’t disappoint. They are lightweight and effortlessly cut through ingredients. My mom brought me one of these beautiful knives home from a trip a couple of years ago and it is hands down one of my most favorite items in the kitchen. They are expensive, but worth every penny. I use mine every day.

Available on for $149.95


Ninja Blender

If you’re looking to impress your foodie friends and family with a gift the Ninja blender and food processor is absolutely one of the best kitchen gadgets I own. It does everything without having multiple appliances that take up space. I use it EVERYDAY for smoothies, dips and dressings, and as a food processor for all my recipes. There are many versions out there, but the Ninja is the best in my opinion and right now there are some amazing deals for the holiday shopping season if you are in the market.

Available at for $190.00


Kitchen Aid Mixer

Another expensive, but necessary kitchen appliance for any home chef is a Kitchen Aid mixer. They are heavy and big, but man do they make baking so much easier! This mixer is worth the investment. You can also buy several different attachments for it that makes it even more versatile. They have a spiralizer for veggies, a meat grinder for all those hunters out their making their own sausages and meatballs, and my personal favorite the pasta maker attachment! Homemade pasta party anyone? Another great thing about this item is they come in a plethora of color choices so you can personalize it to fit that special someone’s favorite color or kitchen design. I am full blown obsessed with this matte black version.

Available at for $219.00