About Us

Welcome to Roast’d & Toast’d, a food blog dedicated to seasonal dishes made with love, garnished with a dash of sass and toasted with your finest wine (Blackbox, trader joes, or a bottle of Boudreaux, we don’t care we’ll take em’ all). We believe food is a powerful expression of love and we want to share that love with the world, one dish at a time.

Erin Clark

Master of Mussels.

Erin is a Customer Account Manager for Clear Capital in Reno, NV. She likes to describe her job as “Chandler Bing’s job”, something to do with numbers, no one understands it. She needed a creative outlet from the mundane ‘9-5’, so she turned to cooking. She’s come a long way, from accidental kitchen fires (olive oil, be careful you guys…) to mastering her all-time favorite miso-ginger salmon. She’s eager to keep learning, cooking, and wine-drinking (duh). 

Favorite Drink: Paloma

Favorite Meal: Teriyaki salmon with crispy bok choy

Emily Tidwell

Purveyor of Pastries

Emily is an Outdoor Adventure Photographer base in Reno,NV. You can find her skiing one of the many Lake Tahoe resorts or skiing to one of the many backcountry destinations most days of the winter. Besides then, she loves hiking and exploring with her dog, Cora. Oh yeah, and she loves food. Emily has always been a bit of a baker and brings her passion for pastries into the Roast’d & Toast’d trio.

Favorite Drink: Prosecco

Favorite Meal: Mushroom Risotto with Braised Short Rib

Oona Sapunor-Pfaff

Master of Charcuterie & Entertaining Ambiance

Oona is a 5th grade teacher in Reno,NV and has loved cooking and entertaining since she was a kid. Always on the go, one of the things about cooking she loves the most is that it slows her down and brings her family and friends together. At home Oona and her boyfriend are finishing up a major home renovation, (she is no stranger to cooking on a hot plate in the garage and doing dishes in the bath tub) while also trying to keep up with their two kiddos and dogs! Her happy place is outside in the mountains or at the lake and camping and adventuring with her gang. Cooking and entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! The beauty is in the details! 

Favorite Drink: Medium to full bodied red wine

Favorite Dish: Cheese and Charcuterie (basically I love snacks guys!)

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